Acreage Lots

TUSCAN RIDGE ESTATES  is a beautiful new development 5 minutes east of the city close to the new Costco!!!!   www.tuscanridge.ca  This development is just 4 miles east of the city on Patience Lake Road and has pressurized water system, children’s playground and the largest solar project in saskatchewan of its kind.  Call us to see why Tuscan Ridge Estates should be on your list of Developments to check out today!!!!

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Lot C Maple Grove Estates – SOLD

Lot G Maple Grove Estates – SOLD

Lot B Maple Grove Estates – SOLD

Lot 49 VAlley View Estates – SOLD


We have access to many lots in and around Saskatoon in all areas of development.  Call us and we can purchase the lot of your dreams for your custom build.  

Call today at 306-290-4333


415 Salloum Terr – SOLD

411 Salloum Terr – SOLD

1071 Glacial Shores Common – SOLD

366 Mahabir – SOLD


Please call for list of available lots in Kensington area 306-290-4333


137 Gillies Bay – SOLD

171 Gillies Lane SOLD

InFIll Lots

If you are interested in building in established areas in the city give us a call now.   We have many people that we work with to help find you the perfect lot to build on.

1220 Coy Ave – SOLD

803 Ave R North – SOLD

710 6th Ave North – SOLD

Warman, Martensville and other surrounding communities

If you are looking to build in other areas not listed above,  we have multiple lots available to us in many areas throughout Saskatoon and the surrounding communities.  Warman, Martensville, Dalmany, and Langham are just a few of the communities where we are currently building.  Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

522 Redwood Terr – SOLD

308 2nd St East Langham – SOLD